Monday, May 11, 2009

Showing Off!

Like most knit bloggers I got to spend a large portion of my day yesterday sitting on my butt knitting. It was just what I wanted to do with my day. And in an added bonus, The Greatest got up with the baby, made me breakfast in bed, cleaned the house, did some laundry, cooked dinner, and bought me a blender. Mmmmmmm.....daily milkshakes from now until winter! I don't call him The Greatest for nothing. It was a good day.

Here's what I spent yesterday working on:


Ummmm. Yeah. I know. It doesn't look like much yet. But I'm hoping in a week or so it will be something fabulous. It's got some issues (lace weight stockinette stitch on size 6 needles. Can we say lumpy?) so we'll have to wait and see if blocking really is as magical as I think it is and can salvage this mess in the end. Until then I plug along. First it was endless knit rows in the round, then 22 inches of stockinette, then more endless knit stitches. Now I'm on to three inches of 1 x 1 ribbing. This is a boring knit. Easy, mindless, I'm not complaining. Every once in a while I like something that is easy on the brain. I think when I'm done I might have to knit some lace to energize my brain or risk turning into a zombie. Mmmmmmm.....brains. Until then I zone along with the knitting and try not to drool on myself.

But my red blob of a hot mess of knitting isn't what I came to show off today. I've got family pictures!

My favorite - just look at that expression on Bird!


A close second.


The rest of these? Well now I'm just showing off.







Aren't they great?!!! I'll take credit for making the cute kids. But the photography credit goes to Sunshine and Shade Photography. She's not exactly what I would call local, but well worth the drive!


lynda said...

What GREAT pictures! I love the one of you girls! They're all so sweet.

I finally remembered to take a Mother's Day picture this year, too. I end up in so few of the family pictures, so I'm glad I remembered to include myself! (it's on my FB page, so I can show off, too;)

passingdowncrazy said...

Wow! You should show off. They're great photos. I like the pink on the girls and brown on the guys1

Bitterknitter said...

Great photos of the family! The 3 inches of 1x1 ribbing on the Whisper Cardigan can be done! It is probably The. Most. Boring. Knit. Ever. But well worth it! Just finished mine!

MarieGrace said...

Awesome pics! Totally worth showing off. I've been reading your blog long enough to be able say the kids are really getting big... they really are!


marit said...

Great photos!

Wiffy said...

Love, love, love how your photo's turned out!!! Great color choices! I like how the "boys" match and the "girls" match. Just too cute!!! You deserve all the pampering you can get! Glad you had a happy mother's day.