Thursday, July 30, 2009

Friday Loving, a day early

I love that I woke up this morning with no headache.

Sounds like a simple thing, but it is the first time I can say that in almost a month. I'm amazed at how good it feels to not be in pain. I've got a whole gaggle of prescriptions to make me normal (or atleast as normal as possible, some things you just can't fix). The pain relievers caused me to spend the first 48 hours on them sleeping, but now? I'm just on the preventative medication which makes my heart race and gives me insomnia. You should see how clean my house is now that I'm on physician approved crack! (I think I might be trying to make up for how dirty my house was while my head hurt).

So I'm loving no pain!

I'm also loving....

Big boxes for the imagination


3-D Glasses


And Spray painting old patio furniture


Although I might have created a monster here. The Greatest loved how the red chair turned out so much he decided he must spray paint the rest of our patio furniture.


I can't complain, it looks fabulous.



C'mon admit it. You wanna come hang at my house now!



Bezzie said...

I do dig those red chairs. Snazzy! And now I gotta know--what was in the box???

Katrina said...

I admit it--I'd love to hang out at your house anytime.

I'm so glad to read that your headache is better.

Your patio furniture is fabulous.

How is it that summer is more than halfway over? HOW did that happen?

I've missed

Tam said...

I've been wanting to come and hang out at your house ever since you moved there! You don't have to paint the furniture to get me to come over. haha

Chrisknits said...

Yes I do! Just be near a pool instead of having to drive to my Mom's, a 25 minute trip.

shiguy4076 said...

Headaches are the worst. I'm glad you feel better.

I love the red you painted that recliner. Very vibrant.

Need to get over fear of flying then I will most definately come visit. MISS YOU!!!

Amber said...

I read this several days ago on my phone and it would not allow me to comment. So now I'm coming back to it. Just so you know. ;)
So...yeah...I want to come to your house and sit in your new RED chair! it rocks!