Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Triple Fail

It is a little known fact that I've been known to hook a time or two. One could say I'm a hobby hooker. Jack of all Trades, Master of None, and all that jazz.

Now before my Father has an aneurysm I must point out that "hooker" is merely a pet name in the crafting world for people who crochet. Get it? They use a crochet hook to make things so they're hookers! Get it?!!!


Jokes are never funny when you have to explain them.

Anyways, moving right along from my funny fail,

I know my way around a crochet hook. And when I saw this project


I simply had to try my hand at it. How cute would it look on Pork Chop! I even had some olive green yarn in my stash.

I carefully cast on. I crocheted with all my might, the pattern on one leg, and crochet directions on the other. It had been a while and I'd forgotten how fast things work up when crocheted. This was going to awesome.

And the finished result is pretty awesome.


It just fits the wrong daughter.


I guess gauge matters in crochet too. *scratches head* Who knew? I ought to check it and see how far off I was. So even though Sweet Pea really likes it, this is a fail.


So I thought I would modify the pattern. You know, instead of checking gauge and going from there, I decided to just throw in a few extra increase rows, make it larger so it would fit a larger head. It was going to be easy-peasy!



This is also a


So I abandoned this pattern, I mean, if gauge is that important, this is obviously not the pattern for me. I mean, obviously it was to fiddly. But Pork Chop still needed a new hat. One of the things I loved about the pattern was the tiny brim, so logically I turned to this pattern.


That's a friend of mine in the red hat. Isn't she cute? I've always wanted to make one of these hats. This seemed like my chance. My time to shine.

Guess what!



Gauge still matters.


I think I'll go back to knitting hats. *hmph*


Kaye said...

I'm only laughing because I've done it too!!! Hee hee!

Amber said...

Those are CUTE hats! Send them to me I have a big head.....no no, not in that way though I promise. wink wink
I would not even be able to make a square inch of material stick together without some type of super glue so you are WAAAAY ahead of me. And your sweaters are to die for!

Misty said...

hehe, I love it!

Onica said...

ROFL. With that hat, I used GGH cumba and a smaller hook. I also tried it on as I went and shortened the brim by a few rows. HTH.

And SQUEE... I made it onto someone's blog. And that's a horrid picture of myself.

Carrie said...

Hey, as long as it fits *somebody* in the household, who cares?? :P

I've tried and given up several times on crocheting ... and I only seem to crochet when I'm pregnant. So maybe I ought to give it up this time for good. LOL