Friday, October 02, 2009

Just Like Clockwork

Something you can depend on. You just know they are going to happen every single day. The familiarness of it all can be quite comforting. When times are uncertain I need these gentle reminders that life is the same.

I know that no matter what else happens I can count on the fact that....

Each day will come to an end, without fail, usually with a beautiful sunset. And the children will go to sleep. I can forgive them for all they've done that day when they're safely tucked into their beds for night.


Every day after school my son must spend some alone time here. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Right after school. Even on early release day. And you must not interrupt him or it makes for an unpleasant evening.


At any given moment I will have a pile of knits in my closet that are in desperate need for some finishing work. Most of these items will never make the blog.


And Every Single Year, without fail, Pork Chop will be made Student of the Month!


Her Teacher must have decided not to fight the inevitable and just give Pork Chop the award first thing this year. At the award breakfast her Teacher confessed that she wished she could clone Pork Chop and have a whole class just like her. I love being the parent of "That Child."

Congratulations Pork Chop. Daddy and I are so proud of you!


Bezzie said...

Ha ha! First quarter's not even over and she's setting the bar high!

Oh man, I wish I could get an hour of alone time. Even the cats will scratch on the bathroom door when I'm in there!

marit said...

Congratulations! Well done:-)