Saturday, January 02, 2010

Breaking the Code of Silence

Yesterday held a little more housework, and a little less napping than expected. But I'm not complaining, because it also held dinner with friends. How can you complain when you're eating grilled steak with friends? So later bedtimes again, but that's alright too. I'll be sad when Christmas break is over and order is once again imposed in our lives by the strict school schedule.

Despite the cleaning and the socializing I did manage to sneak in a bit of crafting yesterday. But I can't tell you about it.

I know I bill this blog as a knitting blog. So one might expect me to actually blog about the knitting. And I'll admit I have been holding out on you. So much knitting I did last year. And so little of it actually touching the blog. Mostly it didn't get blogged because I was lazy, uncommitted to my blog. Too busy actually knitting to take pictures and write a witty paragraph about the knitting. That's my bad. But some of it wasn't blogged because blogging about it was FORBIDDEN.

By day I am a mild mannered housewife. Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Crafter. I dabble in everything, cooking, decorating, bow making, sewing, quilting, photography, and yes, I'd even say I dabble in knitting.

But by night, when the kids are in bed and all is quiet, I've become a Professional Knitter.

I can never join the Knitting Olympics because I have given up my amateur status. I am a paid professional knitter for Knitpicks.

Honestly, I love this arrangement.

They send me a pattern and ask me if I'd like to knit it. They then send me supplies to knit it. I knit it. I send it back. They send me a check.

It isn't a big check, but it is enough to pay the water bill or buy some bread and milk when we really need it. These days every little bit helps. I'm sure if I sat down and divided the check by the hours I spent knitting I would discover I am make about 6.39 cents an hour. And then I might be less happy. So it's probably a good thing I've never sat down to do the math.

My items are then used in the Knitpicks catalog and on the Knitpicks website. I like that part too. But until the item is published in the catalog I am forbidden to speak of it. But once it is published blogging about it is fair game.

So far I've only done little things.


Serpentine Socks

A hat.

Swedish Sail Hat

A pillow front.

Therese's Pillow

(do I have mad color work skills or what?!!!!)

I'm really waiting for them to finish vetting me and my skills so I can get in on the complicated lace shawl action. I loves me some lace weight yarn.

But until then I've got another small project I am knitting for them. And I can't tell you about it. I can post a tiny teaser photo.

Not very interesting is it?

But it's not very interesting blogging is it.

To entain you, before you leave, I'll tell you a story.

I've got a friend who posts daily on face book the funniest quote of the day. Usually it is something her children have said, but occassionally it is something her Husband has said. They are always hilarious.

Yesterday in my house I over heard this from Pork Chop and it made me laugh. She said it with all the righteous indignation a nine year old girl can muster.

"Why aren't you wearing undewear?! You have to wear underwear if you're going to be in my room. That's a rule from now on: everyone must have on underwear if they're going to be in my room. So if you want to be in here, you'd better go put on some underwear!"

I have no idea who she said it to, or who wasn't wearing underwear. But it sounds like a good rule.


shiguy4076 said...

lol underwear is very important.

You are a master! I bow down before you in all your glory. How blessed am I that you taught me how to knit! You RULE!!
I like that you're sneaky.
Those are awesome.

Lynda said...

the KnitPicks thing is so cool! And, yes, underwear is important. My daughter was talking to her boyfriend the other day on the phone and I heard her say "wait... you're not wearing pants??? That's a rule, from now on, you MUST be wearing pants when you talk to me." I'm not sure I want to know.

I've been busy and haven't kept up with my bloglines for a couple of months, but now I'm back! Good to see everything's status quo at Neglecting My Kids :)
-Lynda, formerly of Knittogether