Friday, January 01, 2010

Good Riddance!

Good-bye 2009, and good riddance!

What a crummy year. I don't know anyone who didn't struggle and muddle their way through last year as best they could. Including us. Frankly I'm glad to have the year over with. We muddled through and tried really hard and kept afloat until after Halloween. Then everything went down hill. The final straw came when my cat got out on Christmas Eve and hasn't been seen since. It feels like we've had a death in the family. I've had her for twelve years, as long as I've had The Greatest. I miss her so much, that stupid cat. And no one should have their children cry themselves to sleep on Christmas Eve. (I might have cried myself to sleep as well. I miss that stupid cat.)

(In a related note if any of you local girls see this cat....

Please find my cat.

give me a call.)

So all in all 2009 was a bad year. We tried to keep it all in perspective and soak in all the good stuff. But man, I'm glad that year is over.

I'm trying to optimistic about 2010 (how do you say that anyways? two thousand ten? twenty ten? 2-0-1-0?). But I'm not feeling the love.

Hello Inner Pessimist! Have I told you how much I don't like you? Please go away.

Thank goodness my Inner Pessimist is no match for my Inner Optimist (Hello Spirit of Pollyanna! Way to stay strong!) So we rang in the New Year in style!

Everyone got fancy hair

Everyone got curls!

I made brownies in my brand spankin' new "Perfect Brownie Pan." Not wanting to show up empty handed Bird made s'mores in her Easy Bake Oven to share.

Cause all food should be cooked with a lightbulb!

We spent the evening with friends playing Wii

Wii is too much like work for me

And Pool

She made up her own rules

And Board Games (for the record The Women won the Battle of the Sexes.)(Twice)

Competition was cut throat

And just talking

Get out of here Mom

And eating too much yummy stuff.


And at midnight I got to kiss the best looking guy in the room.

He makes my heart go pitty-pat

And at 2:00 a.m. when the baby decided it was time to go to sleep


We packed it up and went home.

The Greatest got up entirely too early to go hunting with friends. And Sweet Pea got up entirely too early because she does not fully grasp the concept of sleeping in. But that's alright. We've got a very full day planned. We will be hanging out in our jammies, eating pizza, drinking root beer, hopefully napping, and possibly fitting in some crafting. A rather perfect day.

Hello 2010! It is a great start to a great year. May you live up to the hope and promise you hold!


Chrisknits said...

Good luck in twenty-ten, at least that's what I am calling it. I love the party photos!

And does the brownied pan really work?

Kaye said...

Ooo! Tell Bird I'm very jealous of the Easy Bake!

Eh, 2009 didn't suck, but it didn't rock either. I think that's the best I can hope for!