Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Guess What?

I can't leave angsty post laying around too long. People start to worry. So today I'm going to post something that makes me smile.

Last week I got to accompany my Bird as her kindergarten class went to the zoo!


She was so excited to ride the bus.

And I think she might have enjoyed having me along with her.

We wandered the zoo looking at random animals, having a good time. It was zoo. No biggie. And then I saw it.


The rhino butt! Isn't it ginormous? and cute?

I think deep down inside I'm a twelve year old boy. I giggle at butts, and fart jokes.

But the fun didn't stop with just the rhino butt.

After that there was striped butt


and feathery butt


and spiky butt


and shelly butt


And just when I thought I would die from delight at all the cute animal butts, I found new levels of debauchery in the petting zoo


I love the zoo!


Bezzie said...

Considering turtles/tortises are so slow--whatta wanna bet they're STILL in that position?

turtlegirl76 said...

You can always count on the turtle for entertainment. Hee!

Tam said...

I don't mind you expressing the angst. I always think of you on Easter since your mom died. It is amazing how the same day can have vastly different meanings and emotions for different people. Easter used to be all eggs and bunnies around here and now it's more about matza and charoset. For me it is also the day that my first child was born (it was April 11th that year) and for you it is about your mom. Even in this joyful time for me, I just wanted to let you know that I always consider your pain and say a prayer for you.