Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Saved Again By The Power Of Her Cute!

I've been sewing tons lately. I think I might be developing a hunch back from being bent over my sewing machine day after day after day. Three little white hula shirts down! A bunch more stuff to go!

As I sit and sew Sweet Pea sits at my side. She babbles at me. Often using words I can understand! She likes to touch the thing on the side of the machine that goes round and round as I sew. I'm sure that round thingy has a proper name. I'm sure I'll never know what it is.

She also likes to sit and play with my pins.

Seemingly harmess

It seems like a harmless activity. Its all well and good until one rolls off the table and onto the floor where it will lie in wait for The Greatest to step on it and blame me for carelessly leaving my pins lying around.


But worse than planting pins on the floor to frame me for feetal injuries? (is feetal a word? get it feet-al? I'm so funny. I crack myself up. and I clearly need more sleep)

When I'm sewing the final outer border strip on my Valentine Quilt...

Anyone wanna buy a toddler? Cheap!

She likes to keep herself busy by taking the seam ripper and poking a hole in the inner border.

There's a hole in my border dear Dina, dear Dina


I haven't decided if I want to take off three outer border strips so I can get to the inner border. Once there I will remove the inner border and replace it with a new hole-less piece of fabric. Then I will re-sew the three outer borders back onto the quilt. Or I might just skip taking all the borders off and sew a patch over the hole. The Greatest thinks I should put some fray check on it and call it good. *insert eye roll here* He tries hard. But sometimes he doesn't get it.

Saved by the power of her cuteness....again

Some days her cuteness is all that stands between her and certain death.


Marie Grace said...

I once snipped a hole in a jacket I had just finished as I was clipping all the loose threads off the seams. It was totally done and I whacked that hole right in the front below the neckline! I ended up stitching a wee little heart over it applique style and called it intentional... since this is a Valentine quilt... I say give it a heart and call it intentional... a design element :-)

Maria said...

I second the appliqued heart. You could always do three and call it a design element!

Bezzie said...

Hee hee...this is how the human race has gotten as far as it has!

Moochie likes to press on my foot when I've got it on the sewing machine pedal. Freaked me out the first time I was sewing and the machine kicked into hyperspeed!