Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Pork Chop!

When Pork Chop was three years old she used to tell people "My name is Pork Chop, I am three years old, and my favorite color is green."  And then people would know all the important things a person needed to know about Pork Chop.

Pork Chop is now twelve years old.  Now the script is "My name is Pork Chop, I am twelve years old, my favorite color is green, and I love zombie."

Yup, my beautiful princess wants to be Queen of the Zombies.  If there is ever a zombie apacolpyse is will be because Pork Chop genetically engineered a zombie virus.  I would like to apologise to the world in advance. 

Dear World,

I am sorry that my offspring brought about the destruction of modern civilization as we know.  I am sorry she brought an end to modern plumbing, air conditioning and fully stocked grocery stores.  I am sorry she introduced an element of constant danger that our lives were blissfully free of before her existence.  On the plus side she is super cute.

My sincerest regret,


Of course the world will never see my apology because the internet will not exist.  I am really going to miss the internet.  Google would be really hand if civilization broke down and I needed to learn to live off the land.  But I digress.  Back to Pork Chop.

What is a zombie loving girl to have but a zombie themed birthday party!  (yes I know her birthday was in June, but June was very busy for us.  This was the weekend that worked for us.  She is a very understanding girl).

We quarantined the house.


And boarded the windows.


Then we partied like zombies (cause zombies don't sleep!)

Five giggling, squealing, singing Adele at the top of their lungs 12 year old girls.  It was big fun.  Even the dog had a good time.


Happy Birthday my beautiful girl!


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