Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Drive By Posting

Quick update:

I still hurt. I'm feeling better than I was, so I do thing, and then I over-do it, because I'm me. I've been off the narcotics for two days now, but I think I'm gonna take some as soon as I hit publish. I have company coming, so I've been cleaning, and I might have done a bit too much (see above about overdoing it.)

My Ravellenic Sweater is progressing nicely.


Just a few more rows and we'll split for the armscye. I can't decide if this sweater is going to work. It might be too drapey. I am undecided as of yet.

I haven't tried on the blue sweater. Mostly I just sit around admiring it.  I'm scared to try it on. It is too pretty to not fit me. Maybe I'll get all high from the painkillers and then I'll be brave and try my sweater on later today.

The children are still alive.

I think the covers everything.

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