Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Oh Yeah!

First Day of School Baby!


One of my children is not as excited as the other two.

I know how he feels.  I was really sad about school.  Not so much school, but more the inevitable end of summer that the start of the school year brings.  I wasn't ready to let go of sleeping in, and having my home filled with the sounds of splashing in the pool, girls playing barbies, everyone playing lego video games, and all the secret giggling after bedtime has been enforced.  Sometimes I really resent the structure and order that school forces into our lives.

Then the children actually left for school.

The silence.

Oh the silence that descended upon the house.

I'd forgotten the blissful silence.

I'm no longer feeling so sad about the start of the school year.  Of course I still have this partner in crime for one more year.


So  my days can't be too quiet.  That does go a long way to soften the blow.

Today is a half day so we get to ease back into the school routine.  I think we'll take the day very easy with stories and games and no housework.  I might even sneak in some knitting.  I'm down to the sleeves on my Ravellenic sweater.  I'm going for gold!

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