Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Lovin'

I'm loving....

  •  sock washing day!


Don't all those hand knit socks just make your heart swell with joy!

  • DIY facials with my little buddy.


I know the shot is blurry, but that thing on the right is small dog tasting my facial.  It cracks me up. It is a baking soda facial, so it tastes exceedingly gross.  She didn't seem to mind.  I wonder if is a sign that her diet is nutritionally deficient in something.  That or it means she's a dog.

  • frogging sweaters.

Not sweaters I've knit.  That breaks off tiny pieces of my soul.

Nope, I'm loving tearing apart store bought sweaters from garage sales/good will, and having a sweaters worth of yarn for $2.00.


Aren't those hanks gorgeous?  I've already knit up some of the pink hanks.  Sure, I used them for my disappointing Ravellenic sweater, but it wasn't the yarns fault that I make it into something fug.

Last night I took these


And made these


(yeah I know there was a black sweater in that picture.  I was hoping I could turn it into some lovely lace weight yarn.  I couldn't.  I'm still learning the fine art of frogging. *sad face* )

Pork Chop helped me with the white yarn and she gushed over how soft it is.  I'm thinking I'll use it to make her annual Christmas sweater.  I've found the cutest pattern for a cabled cardigan I thinks she would like.  I'm thinking of using the brown for a pullover for Meaty.  He calls his sweaters "yarn shirts."  I'm wondering how he managed to be nine years old and not have the word sweater in his vocabulary.  But "yarn shirt" is so cute I don't want to correct him.  My kids are all going to wind up needing therapy some day.  I might as well have some fun with it right?

So that's what I'm loving.  What are you loving this week?

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Minding My Own Stitches said...

Now I'm loving "yarn shirts" and I think I may totally adopt that.

I'm faintly jealous at the nice sweaters you seem to find at your thrift shop, but I'd probably be too lazy to frog them, reskein them, wash them ...

Someone once said that was a Canadian thing, paying full price for something and being proud of it :)