Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Lovin

I'm so out of the blogging practice.  I've been out of it for years.  I'm still re-training my mind to look for things to blog in every day life.

I remember the hey day of my blog.  It was witty.  There were complete sentences.  There were pictures.  Some beautifully staged, but most just random snap shots of my life.  And of course, there was knitting.

When I get dressed I look at my hand knits and think  "Did I blog this yet?"

The answer is always "No."

I hang my head in shame.

Of course one might think this was a lead-in to the best blog post ever written.  A return to the style and laughter of my former self.

One would be wrong.

This is just another Friday Lovin' cop out post.

I'm loving

turning this


into this


Can you believe I only paid $5.00 for all that yarn!  One sweater turned out to be un-froggable.  But I might turn it into a pillow cover, or a hat or something.  So even that isn't a total loss.

And I'm loving knitting for Knit Picks.  I can't tell you what I'm doing, but I can show you this little teaser.


Don't you love it?!!!!  I do.

And I'm loving Red Lipstick


There is a blog post in the picture.  If you're lucky I'll actually sit down and type it out some day.

Until then I've got the perfect excuse to sit and knit now (see knitting for Knit Picks).  If you need me I'll be on my couch.

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