Friday, September 28, 2012

Rambling On A Friday Night

Last week I was all set to post a triumphant post about how I'd finally stopped the yarn molestation, and how happy I was.

Then I found this


I was so depressed I couldn't blog for an entire week.

But I am now proud to say that it has been 8 days without a yarn incident.  I am cautiously optimistic?

That punctuation is not a mistake.  I deliberately posed that thought as a question.  I am still in the process of sorting out how I feel about the entire affair.  It is quite the traumatic thing to have your yarn violated with the viciousness, and frequency I was subjected to.  If this was the end I think I will be able to put the entire unpleasantness behind me.  But if the attacks continue then I will need therapy.  Lots of therapy.  Possibly Eureka style therapy.


And I will require twenty-four hour police protection for my yarn.  Thank goodness I know just the hot cop to tackle the job.


Dang, that man is good looking. Can you see it in his eyes?  That look that says "I'm humoring you, letting you take my picture, because I love you hon."  Is it any wonder he is my favorite person in the whole entire universe?

I have been very industrious over the past few weeks.  I have completed three of the Weasly sweaters.


They all need a good wash and blocking.  The two white sweaters are from the same yarn, but the small one was knitted with the molested yarn, and I can see how dirty the yarn got. Especially at the top of the sweater.


Maybe I'll wash that one twice.

I should be working on Meaty's Weasly sweater, but I'm weak.  I lack knitting discipline.  Instead I've been knitting another sweater for Sweet Pea.  I'm using this fuzzy purple yarn from a recycled sweater.  I love the fabric it creates, but I can no express enough how much I loathe working with it.  It makes my hands ache.  Knitting should never ever hurt.  And I can not see my stitches no matter how hard I try.  I just have to knit and hope for the best.  Because I can not see my stitches I can not check the gauge.  So I ended up knitting this


Yeah.  No.  Just look at those arm holes


*side note - Is arm holes even a thing?*

Holy Hugeness Batman.  There is no way I am not frogging that thing.  It is simply too big to be allowed.  (and henceforth and forever more this sweater will be known as her Hagrid sweater.  Why yes I do have a lot of Harry Potter in my life.  Is that a problem?)

Sweet Pea might just be the most joyous human being I have ever met.  Look how much she loves her sweater.


I must try, and re-knit, and hurt my hands until she is adorned in purple fun fur.  I have already frogged and gone up a needle size, and re-cast on for this project.


Here's hoping size 6 needles + a size 24 month cast on = a sweater for Sweet Pea.

 *fingers crossed*

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katie metzroth said...

What is it with your dogs and yarn? are they part cat? bless your heart. A friend's dog pulled a big wooden knitting needle out of knitting and chewed on it like a stick. I am counting my blessings that my dog doesn't pull this business. sacrilege, I tell you.