Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Friday

My moments of happy this week.

The calculator is the number of ounces of breast milk I donated to a baby in need.  Almost 11 gallons. 

I hope you've found some happy in your week.


Nancy McCarroll said...

11 gallons is amazing. Wow.

Still want to send you an article that you will cherish. Pls send me your email address. Mine is nmccarroll at q dot com.

kathy b said...

WOw > we are just starting a milk bank in our NICU. WONderful of you. So many babies especially premies will suffer if they only get formula. Im not against formula at all, but your gift is so important to premies and the fight against NEc.

love your blog.

Tam said...

Still checking back every day. Can't wait to hear more about Squishy and the rest of the gang!