Sunday, March 09, 2014

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

I blocked my Hitofude.  I neatly folded it.  Then I lovingly placed it with my recently blocked lace shawl.

The start of a pile of projects of the cusp of being finished, but needing just a tiny bit of finishing work to turn it from a work-in-progress to a finished object.

I have no defense for my failure to complete what I start.

Old habits die hard.

Of course with only finishing work left on my sweater/shawl, I immediately cast on for a new project.

Socks.  A beautifully small project.  Something that will show signs of progress even it I only get to knit for ten minutes every other day.  I'm loving the tweedy yarn.  And something about tweed just begs for cables.  I worry the fancy cables are getting lost in the tweed, but I can't stop.  I must make one more cable cross, must knit one more pattern repeat.

I love this sock.

I've also made the tiniest bit of progress on the quilts.

All my tiny tiny triangle are officially tiny squares.  I do need to trim the squares to "square" them up.  But I'm hoping once that is done the project will start to come together a little faster.  I'm trying to do a little each day.  Morning naps are for cleaning, afternoon naps are for working on the blanket, bedtime is for knitting.  Or at least that is my plan.

Let us all take a moment to laugh at my optimism.  We know all to well how my plans go.

But a girl can dream.

The children are on Spring Break this week.

I should probably abandon my plans right now.

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Nancy McCarroll said...

That cardigan is gorgeous. More pictures, pls.

The picture of ten adult and ten baby toes in red is a true winner. Smiling.