Thursday, March 06, 2014

You Can Dress Me Up...


You know the drill, blah blah blah, busy busy blah, blah blah blah, baby, blah blah blah.

I did manage to sneak way last night for a yarny girls night out without the baby.

It was magnificent!  I ate dinner with two hands.  I had a calzone as big as my head.  I'm am not even exaggerating.  It was stuffed with spinach and artichoke and cheese.  So much cheese.  I didn't have to stop eating once to refill a cup, hand someone a napkin, or to bounce a crabby baby.  And the desserts.  Oh the desserts.  Two desserts were ordered.  Those two deserts fed the entire table.  Why do I  not eat there every day?

Oh yeah, because I'm not independantly wealthy.

Dang it.

I should at least go there for dessert once a week.  Maybe that should be my New Year's Resolution.  You can make a resolution in March right?  It's never too late to change your ways right?

While I was there I finished my Hitofude Cardigan.

You know, the one I started back in November.  I've remembered why I only knit hats, socks and baby sweaters when I have small babies around.  Large projects take entirely too long to finish when you're only knitting five minutes a day.  I need that instant gratification feel from my knitting.  I need to finish more than one object a quarter.

I'm already soaking the sweater to block it

in the vain hopes of achieving that instant gratification high.

In other news I got a pretty pretty box of yarn yesterday (girls night out and new yarn?  it was a big day yesterday)

It is mostly sock yarn.

Here's hoping I can finish a few more pretty things this year.

In baby news Squishy's new favorite thing is now a burper rag.

She clutches it in each hand and stares at it.  She glares and glares and glares until she finally raises the burper rag to her face.   She then rubs her face on it and licks it, and is generally the happiest baby in the world to have her burper rag until her arms drop and the burper rag falls away from her face.  Then the cycle of glaring/licking repeats, and repeats, and repeats.  I am not entirely convinced that she knows her arms are controlling the burper rag.  I'm pretty sure she thinks she is a Jedi controlling it with the awesome power of her mind.

She's not entirely wrong.

Between the teddy rattle with the blanket, and now her deep love of the dirty burper rag I think Squishy is going to be a blankie girl.  I really really have to get her quilt done before she bonds with one of the dogs blankets and claims it as her very own.

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Candyce said...

i'm so glad you had a nice evening out! It sounds like the best kind!
And I do hope you finish Squishy's quilt soon--you did make me laugh about the dog's blanket!

I hope things are OK as I have missed your posts.