Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Little Bit of Everything

The triangles...

 photo IMG_5322_zps37dc8528.jpg

they taunt me.

All those little triangles that need sewn into squares.  Then they need "squared up" with a ruler and a rotary cutter to ensure they are exactly 3.5 inches.

Which is entirely too small.

I keep asking myself why I didn't pick a pattern that was all squares.  Preferably 12 inch squares.

I would be done by now.

But no.  I like to make things complicated.  And if anyone is truly paying attention you'll notice that this is the fabric that I purchased in 2010 to make matching quilts for Bird and Sweet Pea.  The two twin size quilts which, despite my lofty dreams and grand intentions, were obviously never finished.  So now I'm trying to make a twin size and a crib size quilt.

Should be easier right?

After all, crib size is WAY smaller than twin size.  I should be able to whip these out in no time.

But the triangles.

The tiny tiny triangles.

I'm starting to hate triangles.

On the knitting front  we have two sleeves!

 photo IMG_5343copy_zps7793e270.jpg

And a hood!  Nothing left to do but finishing work.  So of course, it has gone to join the other Weasley Sweaters in The Abyss.  Christmas is still a month away.  Theoretically it is plenty of time to finish the sweaters, but I'm sure I will be found Christmas Eve sobbing with exhaustion while I frantically weave in all those ends.  

I like to live on the crazy side of life.

I'm having trouble deciding on a yarn/pattern for Sweet Pea's Weasley Sweater.   I loved the hoodie pattern I used for Bird's Sweater.  I'm considering making one for Sweet Pea.  But I don't have any yarn on hand that would work.  I have big plans to go out on Black Friday looking for new sweaters to cannibalize for yarn.  I had so much fun last year, I'm so looking forward to doing it again.  I'm hoping to find something I can use for her sweater then.

In the mean time I've cast on a little something for myself.

 photo IMG_5346copy_zpsb8bafb2c.jpg

Who says I can't have a Weasley Sweater?  

I know it doesn't look like much, but that blurry fledgling knit is hoping to be a Hitofude Cardigan when it grows up.

In total randomness

 photo IMG_5320copy_zps36e53675.jpg

My bedroom tree makes me very happy.  I think it is the most beautiful tree I've ever seen!  The Greatest truly missed his calling by not becoming a Professional Christmas Decorator.  I'm so lucky I get to sit around gestating and he magically makes Christmas appear!  

Speaking of gestating, I'm 36.5 weeks.  I am in the home stretch.  She-who-has-not-been-named is making motions like she is ready to come out, but I've had a stern talk with her about how she needs to stay put a few more weeks.  She is supposed to be a Christmas Baby not a Thanksgiving Baby.  Plus, I've got big shopping plans for Black Friday.  Plus ALL THOSE TRIANGLES.

Yeah, she needs to stay put for a few more weeks.  

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