Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Really Don't Listen

In today's crafting, I made a huge dent in turning my tiny tiny triangles into tiny squares.

Two thirds down.  One third to go!

Then of course I have to turn my tiny squares into big quilting squares.  And then the big quilting squares will need sewn into a quilt top (times two).  And then the quilt top will need made into a quilt sandwich (times two).  And then the quilt sandwich will need quilted (times two).  Then the quilted quilt will need bound (times two). 

And then I'll be done!

There is absolutely no chance I will have this done before She-who-has-not-been-named will make her big arrival.


But I try.

I am not without help in this hopeless endeavor.

Sweet Pea loves "helping" me make her quilt.  Not that I would exactly call her contributions "helping" but I do enjoy her company, so it is all good.

I was showing her all the tools and talking to her about what I was doing and why.  I told her to be very careful with the rotary cutter because it was sharp and could cut her.

Then I sliced off my fingernail.

On the same finger that I gave a second degree burn with hot glue yesterday.

Then I sliced off a second fingernail.

And on a third finger I skipped the nail and just cut the flesh instead.

I'd like to blame my clutsy crafting on the pregnancy, but no, that's just par for the course for me.

I am my own worst enemy.

On the knitting front I've moved onto the bottom section of my Hitofude.

This is the part where I should try on the sweater to check the fit.  It is looking pretty big.  But as we've established, I like to live on the crazy side of life.  Instead I just knit away.  

Ignorance is bliss.

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