Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Seen Around The House

Why yes, that is a 12 foot Christmas Tree in my bedroom.  One part of me thinks it is ridiculously large.  The other part of me loves it so much.  Random fact:  All those lights from the 12 foot tree actually generate a surprising amount of heat.  I think I can heat my bedroom all winter from twinkly lights.

Sweet Pea thought the baby needed eyes so she could see.  Who am I to argue?

It makes me happy to see all my favorite board book lined up on a shelf just ready for another go round.  They are tattered, and some are held together with tape, but that just means they have been well loved.  They are ready to be loved anew.

I also love washing tiny baby laundry.  I'm wondering when the shine on that will wear off and it will no longer be "awww, look how cute and tiny" but "*sigh* more freaking laundry."  For the moment I'll just focus on the love.

In knitting news I am on sleeve island with Bird's Weasley Sweater.  I think I'm going to have just enough yarn to squeak by.  But I'm in too much pain to take a progress picture.  I've been nesting like a fiend.  Before The Greatest left for work yesterday he told me not to over-do it.  If by that he meant wash all the walls and door jams, and scrub the kitchen cabinets, and do laundry until your sciatica flares so badly that you can't walk the next day?  Then mission accomplished.  I'm happy proud to serve.

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Tam said...

Just wanted to say how glad I am you started blogging again. I've had your page bookmarked for years and missed you when you took time off! I wish you lived nearer. I think we'd be BFFs. Based on your weather reports alone, it is clear you live nowhere near Indiana so I guess I'll have to settle for creeping on your life via your blog. ;-)