Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Close Enough to Home made

I FINALLY did it!

No I didn't sew together a bunch of triangles into tiny tiny squares.

It wasn't that productive a day.

No, today's accomplishment was all about pie.

Long time readers will remember that Meaty LOVES pumpkin pie.  He lives for it.  All he wants, with every fiber of his soul, is an entire pumpkin pie to eat all by himself.  That is the missing experience that would make his life complete.

And for the past couple of years I have wussed out and bought his pumpkin pie at Wal-Mart.

Which is gross.  So very gross.

He doesn't seem to mind.

I do.

But not this year.

This year I was going to actually make my little man a pie.  No excuses.  I faced the day with grand plans to FINALLY conquer my nemesis - Pie Crust.  Full Disclosure - It is my hatred of and inability to make pie crust that causes me to resort to Wal-Mart pies year after year.  I had a "no fail" family recipe from a friend that I know to be delicious when she makes it.  I had high hopes.  While I wasn't expecting the same tasty results my friend created, I was expecting something passable.  Gotta keep my goals realistic.

A constant ache in my lower back was enough to make me quickly abandon my pie crust plans.  I'm not ready to have this baby yet.  I have plans to go shopping for potential yarn on Black Friday.  Anything stressful felt like it might push me over the edge from gearing up for labor to actual labor.  And make no mistake about it, my body is gearing up for labor.    Nope, all things considered, standing in my kitchen stressing over pie crust did not feel like a reasonable thing to do.

So I sent The Greatest to Wal-Mart.

For ready made pie crust.

It is close enough.

Close enough counts.

So now I have a mostly home made pumpkin pie just waiting for Meaty.

Ok, it isn't very pretty, but the filling batter was dang tasty if I do say so myself.  Meaty ate the left overs with a spoon.  His Thanksgiving will be complete, even if I am making him share his pie.

There is also an apple pie for The Greatest.

And a pecan pie for me.

I've already decided that we should just start the day off with pie and hot chocolate for breakfast tomorrow.  Why wait until after the ham to have pie?  And yeah, we're having ham for Thanksgiving this year.  I'm just not up for stuffing a turkey right now.  And since The Greatest is working the holiday he won't be around to make the turkey for me.  As depressing as it is, he is better at turkey than I am anyways.  So ham it is for Thanksgiving.  I'm going to buy a cheap turkey on Friday and have it for Christmas dinner when The Greatest will be around to cook.

It's a solid plan.

Speaking of Christmas

My house is looking especially Christmas-y.  It is my happy place.

In knitting news, because I sometimes pretend this is a knitting blog, my Hitofude grows.

I love this pattern.  I love the way this pattern is playing with this yarn.  I'm so delighted and so in love with this knit that it is sure to take a disastrous turn for the worse at one point or another.  Until it does I sit and knit my beautiful stress free knit, as not to over exert myself and throw myself into labor.

It's a solid plan.

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