Monday, July 28, 2014

A Crisis of Confidence

There comes a point in every knitting project where I'm just not sure I've made the right choices.  Is it a bad pattern/yarn match.  Is this a bad color?  Am I making the wrong size?  Sometimes I push through the fear and I end up with a perfect finished knit.  But more often than not I am overcome with indecision and the offending object is banished to The Abyss to be frogged at a later date.

I have reached such a crisis point with my latest knit.

Am I knitting the right size?  This sweater is supposed to have negative ease, but is this too much negative ease to actually wear.

This is a shorter sweater.  Maybe I shouldn't be putting cropped silhouettes on my body.  Should I have modified the sweater to add a bit of length...and ease...

This yarn is super super soft, so I don't understand why the sweater is a touch itchy.  Will I wear a sweater that is a touch itchy?  Should I try this in a different yarn?  With a different size?  With modifications for a different length?  Should I give up and knit a completely different project?

I'm going to go play with the baby while the project takes a time out.  Maybe I will knit sleeves and block this sweater.  Or maybe I will turn it back into yarn.  I should probably cast on something new to keep my company while I'm waiting to make a decision.  Perhaps a nice scarf or hat.  Something that doesn't require a size.


Tam said...

For what it's worth, I think the back looks to be on the generous side but I agree that the fronts (while otherwise lovely) are too narrow. If you plan to never, ever button it then go with it. Otherwise... The kids are fabulous as usual. There's that.

katie metzroth said...

I'm not very fashiony....I have a consultant (aka a best friend who happens to know about such things). Just this past weekend she mentioned to me that cropped sweaters are not IN.
for what that's worth....if you don't love it, I say stick it in time out. sure doesn't help that it's itchy....your stitches look great though! :) and yep, kiddos look happy. :)