Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I Obviously Need More Sleep

Don't you hate when its ten o'clock at night, and you can't sleep because your brain is full, and you can't knit on your red sweater because you're still debating its fate, and you don't want to knit your second sock because you have second sock syndrome so you reach into your stash and pull out the loveliest deep grey yarn to cast on for a new shawl (no specialized sizing required)

And then you get up the next morning and discover that your lovely deep grey shawl is in fact

Olive Green.


I was tired last night.

And it was dark.

But my new olive green shawl is going to be love-er-ly.

In other new, the world's cutest baby is still insanely cute.


Candyce said...

And getting cuter every day!

Candyce said...


katie metzroth said...

Her hair done like this makes her look like a cute little butterfly.

Tam said...

OMG, that kid is adorable. The little ponytails are killing me. Been there, done that on the knitting. I knit a whole sock for hubs in a lovely "navy" yarn that I pulled out of my stash and worked on in my dim living room. It had mohair in it so it had a "halo" to it which, out in sunlight, glowed a pretty bright LAVENDER. Hubs of course wanted nothing to do with them. The bright side: we wear the same size socks. Hehe