Thursday, March 26, 2015


One week Baby!

And its got two sleeves, and a finished collar and everything.

I could really get used to knitting big things on big needles with big yarn.

I guess now I have to block it.

That should only take a month or so.

And I am free to finish seaming the blue sweater.

And I should reach into the abyss to finished the other eleventy billion projects stashed in there so I can FINALLY play with my new yarn.

I'm dying to knit some socks, but I don't have any unfinished sock projects.  Do you think it would count as an old project if I started knitting a pair of socks with yarn I owned before I received my yarn order.

Cause that only feels a little bit like cheating to me.

And it feels like the kind of cheating I can live with.

1 comment:

AngelKnitter said...

So, just want to know if the other sweater is still soaking ("molding"). Looking forward to seeing it. Keep waiting...