Monday, March 16, 2015

Big Plans

Saturday was a beautiful day.

The sun was shining, a gentle breeze was blowing, and the post office delivered my yearly tax return funded (Thank you Uncle Sam) Knit Picks yarn order.

And a beautiful order it was.

I have yarn for a sweater.

Perhaps Boxy, inspired by this version.

And yarn for a sweater

Possibly another Emelie.  I have a black version but I've always wanted to knit a longer version.  A lighter sweater with the same shape of my Olivette.

I've got yarn for two pairs of socks.

I'm head over heels in love with that green/silver/black yarn.  I did not realize it was going to be so very very awesome.  I have seen Pork Chop eyeing that yarn, but NO!  BAD PORK CHOP!  That is my awesome green/silver/black yarn.  Those are my future Slytherine socks.  Possibly with the Nagini sock pattern?

And this special collection of sock yarn is destined to be...


I'm a Whovian.

Deal with it.

I had a moment of insanity and promised to make the Tardis socks for my Dad.  But if the socks come out too small and accidentally fit my feet instead, well, you know, stuff like that happens accidentally maliciously on purpose sometimes.

Knit Picks asked me if I would like to try a set of size 7 Caspian needles for $1.99.

And I decided I did want to try a set of size 7 Caspian needles for $1.99.  For some reason I didn't own a pair of size 7 Knit Picks needles.  Thank you Knit Picks for helping me rectify that oversight.

And since I was placing a Knit Pick order I did it.  I tried really hard not to.  But in the end I could not resist.

I ordered 14 balls of Tweedy Yarn so I can knit my Tweedy sweater all over again with lots of yarn all in the same dye lot.  This round of Tweed yarn happens to be the same dye lot as the two non-matching balls I previously ordered.  If I can not knit my sweater with 16 balls of City Tweed DK then this sweater was just never ever ever meant to be.  And I'll probably set the entire thing (both dye lots) on fire.

In a rare fit of grown up behavior, or perhaps a moment of insanity (who am I to judge) I made myself promise I would finish my current projects before I started anything new.

Its like I hate myself or something.

But with that kind of motivation I ...

Kitchnered the toe of my socks.

and I...

put my purple sweater to soak so I can block it.

And I am...

doing some serious knitting on my Folded.  I still haven't decided if I've got a good yarn/pattern match.  My yarn might be a touch too thin for this gauge.  You all see that row of extra big stitches right?  What is going on there?  I'm still keeping the option of frogging this entire thing open.  But in the mean time I need to get off the computer and knit a second sleeve.

My new yarn depends on it.

And just in case you forgot...

Queen Bean is the World's Cutest Baby.

Deal with it.

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katie metzroth said...

Ok, but from now on, I'm calling her Princess Fussy-pants. : )
wow. I cannot wait to see all those sweaters and socks! You said you'd knit TARDIS socks for someone else? I think you might have had a fever. : )