Sunday, March 29, 2015

Just Checking In

First things first, lets just get this out of the way right away...

Nope.  Not yet.

But I did weave in all the ends of my blue and my other purple sweater.  I even wore my other purple sweater this morning.  Have I blocked my other purple sweater?  Nope.  Not yet.  But with summer looming in the desert, this morning might have been my very last chance to wear my other purple sweater until November.  And of course I failed to capture photographic evidence of said outing.  But I looked awesome.  My other purple sweater is knitted perfection.

In my defense I haven't been sitting on the couch these past few days while I ignored my wet sweater shaped yarn on my counter.  We've been painting the house.  It was time.  There were holes in the walls from the dogs.  Naughty children had peeled paint off the walls in the stairwell while sitting in time out.  The base boards looked like a war zone.  After it had been bombed.

I refuse to get on a ladder and it doesn't matter since I am not to be trusted with a roller, so my part of the painting included washing walls/trim, moving things out of The Greatest's way, and standing at the bottom of the ladder for moral support.  He did ALL the hard work.  He really is The Greatest.  He got roughly half the house done this weekend.  And it is so pretty.  I can't wait until he gets it all done.

Here's a before of my beloved yarn cabinet

And after

It isn't a huge difference, but the new color is lighter and it gives the house a more airy feel.  I love it.

And because my sock yarn is oh so pretty 

Doesn't that just fill your soul with joy?

And I did get a little bit of knitting done.

A pretty little school of fishy wash clothes for the children.

All in all a good but exhausting weekend.

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katie metzroth said...

The washcloths are perfect. The under-shelf lighting is genius and the paint looks awesome! well done to you and The Greatest! (do you ever think about only knitting things that don't need blocking? like socks. :) )