Friday, April 24, 2015

Day Four

So let's recap:

Blocking the Black Sweater:  Day 1

Blocking the Black Sweater:  Day 2

Blocking the Black Sweater:  Day 3

Blocking the Black Sweater:  Day 4

If you guessed that it would take me four days to block my sweater, then you are the winner!

The winner of what?

Nothing really.  Just the smug satisfaction of knowing you were right.

It did indeed take me four days to get my sweater from a wet lump of cotton to...


But in my defense I've had sick kids. Kids.  With an S. There have been fevers, and popsicles, and trips to the doctors, and so many meds I've had to create a chart to be sure everyone gets what they need when they need it and nobody accidentally gets overdosed.  I haven't slept through the night in over a week now. And we all know how well I function without sleep.  (Spoiler for the Newbies:  I don't function)  Three of the five ended up with strep throat.  The Greatest tags in as often as he can, but the man has to work.  Even as I type he is at the Pediatrician with yet another child while I sit at home with a sleeping Queen (He had to put real pants on, I didn't.  SCORE!).  I've decided that instead of paying my mortgage this month I will instead be paying the Pediatrician's mortgage.

True Story.

In knitterly news, I just can't bring myself to work on the pink sock.

I want to love it.  I do.  All the elements of a knitting project are all playing together so nicely.  But I don't love the yarn.  I know I've knit with that same yarn in that same color way before, and I enjoyed it then..  I can't explain it, but I'm not feeling the love right now.

Instead I kept looking at these two balls of yarn in the bottom of my knitting bag.

The left overs from my Black sweater.  They called to me.  They were so sad they weren't needed.  They wanted to be a part of my Black sweater.  I could feel it.

So I might have cast on

For an infant size version of my sweater.  I don't have a pattern, which is usually the kiss of death to any project I attempt.  But I took some measurements from The Queen and I did a little math with my gauge, and I'm following the general construction of the big person size sweater.  What could possibly go wrong?  (Spoilers:  Usually everything)   I am 100% sure I will run out of yarn before I finish the sleeves.  But I've got a plan.  And I think it will be cute.  I just need to get the body and half a sleeve from what I have for my plan to work.  I completely expect to post a post about how sad I am that this project ended in abject failure in about three days.  But sometimes I surprise myself.  Maybe it will turn out to be the cutest miniature version of a big person sweater ever.  It could happen.

Speaking of the Queen.  It is really hard to convince the Pediatrician that your baby has been sick for five days, barely breathing, hardly eating, when you take her to be examined and she acts like this.

All active, and cute and smiles and sass.

Thank goodness a quick examine showed what The Queen was trying to hide.  She is patient 0 for our strep infection.  Antibiotics for everyone!

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