Tuesday, April 14, 2015

On The Other Hand

While I am still mourning the untimely death of my beautiful purple sweater let's take a look at something that didn't go so very very wrong.

Let's look at my OTHER Purple Sweater.

Pattern:  Trego

Yarn:  Vintage by Berroco, 6 skeins, possibly 7

Needles: size 8, 9, and 10, just like the pattern calls for

Modifications:  None, and I'm really loving knitting that turns out perfect without a bunch of modifications to make the pattern work for me.  My brain power does not have the energy to make mods anymore.  I need to just follow directions and knit.  That feels like knitting perfection for me right now.

Review:  This project is a Win all the way.

It is comfy and snuggly, and the sleeves are long but not too long.

It is perfect.

And it was stupid fast to knit.  I could be converted to knitting only big yarn on big needles.  I think this sweater took a week from start to finish.

Just gaze in admiration at the subtle perfection of the textured sleeves.  I've been craving more than just knit stockingnette stitch, and this fills my heart with joy.

And that broken rib collar.  So smooshy and cuddly and textured.

This poor yarn was knit into at least three other sweaters before I finally found the perfect yarn/pattern match.  (One attempt was a failure at Grown Up Girl back in 2012.) I'm so happy my yarn has finally found its destiny.

The only down side to the sweater is it was knit from big yarn on big needles, and it is no light little piece of knitting.  By the end of my photo shoot I was SWEATING.  It is already over 90 degrees today, so it is going to be a long hot summer before I get the chance to wear this baby.

But I'm counting down the days until I do.

And because no photo shoot is complete without Queen Bean.

She's so busy these days it is hard to get a shot of her that is in focus.  There is simply too much for her to do to be bothered with little things like holding still for the camera.  The girl has goals.  She is unstoppable.

And in completely random thoughts, I knew my hair was long...

But this is insane.  My head is tilted up making it look longer than it is, but even then...insane...past my butt insane.  Expect pictures showing off my new haircut very soon.  Not that I'm going to go drastic and cut all my hair off, but I could lose six inches and not even notice.

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