Thursday, August 10, 2017

Fade to Awesome

This morning I had to get up to take The Queen to her weekly therapies where she refused to make a sound for the speech therapist and decided to cry instead of  pushing coins into a bank with her occupational therapist.

Because of course she did.

Everyone is allowed to have a bad morning, and my little rock star is no exception.  I'm sure if I had been going to three therapies a week for three years there would be morning when I just didn'!

So we'll try again next week.

The upshot of this is I put on a bra and some lipstick.  And if you're paying attention you'll notice I still have the same hair.


At least my clothes are clean.

I've got that going for me.

Looking semi-presentable led to me sweating in my overgrown yard in a vain attempt to bring you beautiful knitwear content.

 I suffer for you.

Pattern:  Find Your Fade

Yarn:  I used ALL THE YARN!  There's a complete list on my Ravelry Project Page.

Needles:  Size 4, I think my Knit Picks Caspian tips

Modifications:  I used more colors than the pattern calls for, so I just faded them out when the mood struck.


I loves me a massive shawl.

And this shawl delivers.

You can even attempt to wrap yourself and a squirmy toddler in this ginormous shawl.

But she won't be happy about it.

Despite my usual preference black and gray (and recently cream/white) I adore this crazy colorful shawl.

Bird demanded I take a picture of her in my shawl.

I don't care how good she looks in it.  I am not giving her my shawl.  I've lost more than one knit item to her with that logic.  I refuse to yield to her cuteness.

Despite her protests that it was simply too hot to try on knitwear (and since it was over 110 degrees she may have had a point) we threw the shawl on The Queen.

She turned out to be a quick study on how to properly model a knit shawl of massive proportions

I don't care how cute she looks

She can't have my shawl either.

But I'll be happy to share my technicolor snuggles when the weather finally turns cold(ish).

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