Tuesday, August 08, 2017

I'm Firmly On The Road To Hell

I've got finished knits Y'all.

I promise I do.

I've got stuff to show.

Only it's monsoon season which means it is migraine season and I'm feeling like a busted tube of biscuits.

On any given day I'm either in pain, or I'm exhausted (because being in pain is exhausting for some reason.)

Today I'm exhausted.

I wanted to show off one of my finished sweaters that I knit for me but that would mean running a comb through my hair.  Maybe putting on a swipe of mascara and some chap stick (because I'm fancy with the make up these days).  But I'm just not feeling up for it.

But never fear.  The Queen is growing like a weed (seriously.  She's recently transitioned from a mostly milk from a bottle diet to a real solid food only four ounces of milk in a bottle at bedtime diet.  It is awesome, but she is eating me out of house and home.  She's gonna be three feet tall by her birthday.  Maybe 3 foot 4!)  Which means she needs an entirely new wardrobe of sweaters for the coming winter-ish weather.  And I've got a fantastic purple fancy cables and lace sweater to show off.

I can always count on pictures of my cute children in knitwear to save the day!

Only I pulled the sweater out and realized

I blocked it but in true me fashion I never actually finished the finishing work.

I can't show off a sweater with ends dangling willy nilly.

Think of the children!

And then I turned around and realized my model

had curled up on the couch with her bear and fallen asleep.

Preschool is exhausting.

I've got good intentions.

My execution needs some work.

But here's to day 2 of pretending I'm gonna be a regular blogger again!

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