Thursday, February 17, 2005

Belle Epoque

It's almost done! It needs blocked and the belt needs made, but I'm all done with the knitting portion of Belle Epoque. Here it is

Here's an extreme close up of the stitching

Here's what it will look like when the empire waiste is cinched (right now it's held with a length of the crocus bud pattern left over from one of my many attempts to start the pattern. I like the look of this and may use it instead of ribbon for the sash)

I've already started working on my next sweater and much to my Husbands displeasure it is a sweater for me not him. I swear his is next (unless I find a pattern I really need to knit first.)
This is what I'm making now
Bella Paquita
I'm knitting it in a pink wool blend.
And finally here are two of the cutest kids in the world (really I'd say that even if they weren't mine)
Check out that angry face

This isn't at all dangerous, I'm sure the baby won't fall out and get run over by her enthusiastic brother

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Jacki said...

It looks fantastic! I really like the crocus bud sash, too.
The Bella Paquita sweater is lovely as well - can't wait to see it in pink!