Friday, February 25, 2005

Best Pizza Ever

We were busy the other day. I can't remember what we were doing that made us so busy, but we were busy. My Husband and I both forgot to make plans for dinner and before we knew it it was six o'clock and we had three hungry kids and nothing thawed. We asked our oldest what she wanted for dinner (it's always exciting and slightly dangerous to eat a menu planned by a four year old). She wanted pizza, which my two year old promptly seconded PEEEEEZAAAAA! So we ordered pizza. And it was the best pizza ever. We ordered Donatos, which we don't really like but tolerate because it's the best pizza that will deliver to us. We ordered one cheese and pepperoni and one with everything. My daughter was so excited she drew a picture for the delivery man. What was the picture of? A delivery man bringing us pizza of course. When we opened our pizza we discovered one cheese and pepperoni and one.... cheese and fresh tomato slices pizza. Not what we ordered, did we call and complain and demand our pizza with everything. Heck no, at this point it was almost seven and our formerly merely hungry children were now contemplating canabalizing the baby, who I'm rather fond of so I gave them the pizza, someone else's pizza and it was the BEST pizza ever. Between me and the kids we ate almost the entire large pizza that night. Followed by a demand for more PEEEEEEZAAAAA for lunch the next day. Somewhere there is a very angry vegetarian who got our pizza piled with four different meats. Technically we didn't steal the pizza because we paid for it, but I apologize for stealing your pizza. We gave it a good home.

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Jacki said...

Your daughter is so sweet, drawing a picture for the delivery man!