Monday, February 14, 2005

Happiness is

Happiness is a dinner without the kids for the first time in two years
Happiness is shopping with your Husband who rarely grumbles and doesn't flinch once at the final bill
Happiness is a Husband who gets the best side order of mushrooms ever and saves the biggest ones for you
Happiness is flannel sheets
Happiness is Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Lotion
Happiness is the new Dean Koontz book
Happiness is Dance Dance Revolution
Happiness is losing two pregnancies worth of weight and fitting your favorite jeans again
Happiness is a child who's teeth have finally broken through the gums and is now giggly again
Happiness is this sweet face

Happiness is marriage "ta dis dawg"

And apparently to my four year old Happiness is being allowed to play with the digital camera. Here's some pictures she took.
The fern

Here's her action shot she took while running

She took a picture of my knitting (something she's seen me do numerous times. In a related sidenote that's the second sleeve to my sweater, almost done)

Here's her picture of her brother

And here's her brother

And here's her brother

Happiness at last!

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Jacki said...

It's so cute that your daughter took a picture of your knitting and her brother!