Friday, February 04, 2005

It's not all lingerie and pillow fights

The love of my life is out of town. He left me all alone with the kids for almost 48 hours. Traitor. Wonder what 48 hours with changing diapers or wiping runny noses or breastfeeding it like. I bet it's pretty nice. I wonder if he's actually going to come home or if he woke up this morning and decided life was too sweet and headed for the border.

The wonderful girls in my playgroup didn't want me to be lonely. They thought it would be better if I were drunk. So they came over for a girls night out. They came after they put their kids to bed, so there were no children or husbands around. We had a great time. But for some reason the husbands all seemed to think the evening would involve lingerie and pillow fights. Whats up with that? We talked about the kids, and our husbands, and all kinds of things, and nary a bra was in sight. My youngest got up and ate some potato chips for a while. But since she didn't nurse I didn't even get to flash my boob at anyone. And all my pillows are in the wash from our recent lice infestation, so there was absolutely no pillow fighting going on. So whats up with the pillow fight fantasy? Wishful thinking?

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