Thursday, March 01, 2007

FO Report: Scheherazade Shawl

Mirror Image

Pattern: Scheherazade Shawl

Yarn: Misti Alpaca Lace, color RJ-2105, 3 skeins

Needles: Size 2 straight needles

Modifications: None

Center Lace

Review: I've knit a shawl from Pink Lemon Twist before. That pattern was flawless and a joy to knit. This pattern was the same. Clear direction. Nice charts. Beautiful design. Despite the nasty shock of realizing that Chart 6 was not the end, I was going to have to turn the shawl around and knit all 283 rows in the opposite direction, the knitting went quickly, very quickly. It was almost addictive finishing the charts. In the dark of night I would keep knitting, telling myself "Just a few more rows and this chart will be done. Just finish this chart and you can go to sleep". Blocking was a pain, but rest assured all flaws from blocking are mine and should in no way reflect poorly on the shawl or the shawl designer. My edges are still wavy. I've got to find a better way to block.

Who knew my back was so sexy?I can not say enough about this red color. I simply love it. Bright and vibrant, a stark contrast to the neutral creams and browns I tend to knit my sweaters in. The soaking water turned pink both times I blocked it, so I'm a little concerned it might become my pink shawl. Should I put vinegar in the water next time?

The texture of the finished shawl is like satin. The alpaca has such a sheen to it, and a silky feel. I love Knitpicks lace weight, for the price you can not beat their Alpaca Mist. But this yarn leaves Knitpicks in the dust. I still have three and a half skeins of the red lace weight left and I can not wait to knit with it again.

In a silly related note, I googled Scheherazade Shawl to find the link to the pattern, and my blog came up before the actual pattern link. How cool it that! You can google and get ME!

End lace

Tomorrow? maybe Starsky? I cut it last night, and it wasn't pretty. We'll see how the recovery goes today.


Abril said...

That looks amazing! Loved the color.

Bitterknitter said...

Beautiful as always! I'm sure Starsky will recover nicely, she's already put you through enough, in my opinion!


Lynda said...

It's just beautiful! I love that stunning red.

shiguy4076 said...

It's gorgeous.

LilKnitter said...

So pretty! Nice work.

And whoo! mama! are those some skin pics of you in your shawl! Tease!!

Can't wait to see how Starsky recovers.

Batty said...

Beautiful work, and that picture is so artistic! Absolutely stunning.

Kuka said...

oooooooh she's pretty!!!!

aj said...

That is absolutely one of the most beautiful lace items I've ever seen. A perfect match of pattern and color - the red is striking!