Wednesday, February 28, 2007

FO Report

Here they are in all their glory!

BFF Socks

Pattern: BFF Socks, size S

Yarn: Knit Picks Sock Memories in Flower Power, 2 skeins

Needles: Size 2 dpns

HeelModifications: For the heel flap set up the pattern says to complete the pattern repeat 4 times. But that gives you 32 stitches, and you only need 28 for the heel. I think that's a misprint, and I only did the repeat three times. I also looked at how the instep pattern was supposed to be carried down the foot and ended up moving some stitches around so the stitches on the top of the foot would line up right. This part of the pattern isn't very well written, and I can see why. I'm not explaining it very well either. It was a little fiddly, but it turned out great.

Review: I'm so happy to have finally found a pattern for this yarn. I really Toeswanted to knit a cabled sock, but my own attempts at a cable sock design were ill-fitting. I think my brain is too tired for math and thinking and stuff. I still had to frog this pattern once. I originally cast on for medium but in a stunning turn of events medium was too big for my size *ahem* 9 feet. But considering the fact that this yarn has been frogged a total of 9 times I think it held up nicely. Now that I'm looking at the picture I can totally see where I accidentally decreased one too many stitches on one side of the heel gusset, so I quietly increased a stitch right there. Oh well, I'm willing to live with it. There's also some distinct pooling at the heel gusset. Each sock has green/yellow on the right side, red/orange on the left side. I should be proud the colors matched up so well. It's tricky to make socks match with hand painted yarn, and to match pooling? I almost feel clever. These socks feel soft and warm on my feet, and I love my red technicolor toes.

Art Shot

These socks were knit in three days! I knit them so feverishly because I am in training. What am I training for you might ask.

Sock madness

The official website is here. This is a tournament style sock knit-off. I like the way this is set up better than sock wars. This is mano-a-mano knitting. Me against another fierce competitor to see who can knit a sock faster. It's doubtful that I'll make it past the first round since the timing of the start of Sock Madness couldn't be worse for me personally. But hey, I had to try.

Coming tomorrow? The Scheherazade Shawl
And Friday? possibly Starsy!


Lynda said...

Three days! I'm impressed. Of course, I can't ever remember the last time I knit a sock... they just haven't been speaking to me lately. I DO love that KnitPicks sock yarn, though. A couple of my most wearable and favorite socks are from that yarn.

Can't wait to see the next FO's! I just wore my Starsky yesterday :o)

LilKnitter said...

Pretty-pretty!! I luuurve your socks. And look at you, with the speedy knitting! Quite inspirational!

Emma said...

The socks look gorgeous. Good luck in the tournament!

Zonda said...

Awesome!! I am so glad you "found" the pattern to work well with that yarn! They look great!!

Look forward to seeing any of the FO's you mentioned! :)

Sean said...

ahhhh, flower power, how do i love thee? LOVE YOUR SOCKS!!!! 3 days, DANG! go you!!!

p.s. i realize i have no knack for posting reasonable questions for contests. look out for a normal question soon. ;)

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

I hear you about the cable pattern not being well centered for the instep. I didn't fiddle around w/it as I was too lazy to work it out, but the heel flap count was right for my size (L). I still have the second sock to go, but it is a fun (though not quick for me) knit.

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