Monday, February 12, 2007

Don't say I didn't warn you

I've knit more of my red shawl, but really the pictures look like the ones I've already shown, but longer. I've cast on for socks with my Flower Power yarn, but I'm not far enough along to make it worth uploading a photo. Instead I'll show you some pictures I have taken with my new camera. Today will feature fun on the trampoline!

Meaty bounces Bird, notice her shirt.

Just don't land on her

Bird bounces.

Mamma, watch me jump

They take a break to inspect the camera.

I see you

Repeat the process until exhaustion sets in.

They even wear themselves out

The light at twilight really is lovely.

Tired Baby


Anonymous said...

Adorable! Your new camera really does take beautiful pictures. And it doesn't hurt that the subject matter is so cute.

Amy said...

I agree with Katrina. They're just gorgeous.

Bezzie said...

Awww!!! Although I don't know how you took pictures--I'd be on the tramp jumping! That looks like so much fun!

Zonda said...

Great pictures of the kids! You have good stop action ability! Mine are usually blurry! :)

shiguy4076 said...

That last picture of bird is just so beautiful. What fun to have a trampoline.

aj said...

Oh that last photo is lovely!! I'd print that and frame it - what a fine shot of your little beauty!