Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Really, is anyone surprised?

I've been having such fun with my camera! Just look at this bee.

Busy Bee

He was happily buzzing in the flowers, doing his bee thing. Isn't he cute?

Speaking of cute, check out my son.

Hi Stinky Keeb

The cat is being unusually subdued. Ordinarily when faced with unwanted sticky child fingers she will bite the offender. This is effective in two ways. It halts the immediate attack, and helps to prevent future attempts at cuddling. But she must have been feeling charitable yesterday. Two frames later she merely gets up and walks away instead of resorting to pointy teeth.

What? My gorgeous Red Shawl? That pretty lacy bright cobweb of a shawl? You want to know about the shawl? Oh, I'd almost forgotten about that old thing. I finished that on Saturday. Wanna see?

Lumpy Lace

*sigh* I just need to block it. I really want to block it, but everytime I think of blocking it the thought of all those little straight pins makes me feel rather faint. I have to go lie down, then the kids come in and bother me with their neverending "needs". I get distracted doing things like feeding them or reading to them and I forget all about my poor shawl. Then when I do remember the thought of all those little straight pins makes me feel rather faint...I need to buy some blocking wires.


shiguy4076 said...

I love the how red it turned out. Can't wait to see it blocked. I'm glad the cat is no longer terrorizing meaty

Bitterknitter said...

Oh, the bee. That really cheered me up, thanks! Yeah, you need blocking wires, Mamma (me too! me too!). Once you dive in and get to blocking that shawl, though, the Zen will kick in. Trust me...


Sean said...

LOVE the bee pic! love new cameras!!! looking forward to seeing the shawl blocked!