Friday, February 09, 2007

A whole new distraction

Red Shawl of SeductionAs you can see Scheherazade Shawl is moving along just fine. Despite the long patches of Stockinette Stitch this is a more complex knit than I anticipated, or should I say because of the Stockinette Stitch. There is much counting. Instead of chanting a little pattern repeat as I knit along a row, there is stitch counting. Every stitch gets counted on every row. I don't hate it, but this isn't a knit at the park kind of knit (which is where I knit the Rona Shawl). It is highly addictive in it's own challenging way and I must not pick it up around dinner time lest I forget to make dinner.

As I knit my bright red shawl of seduction my shelf of unfinished knits taunts me. "Forget my sleeves and knit me a belt" Starsky demands. "I can't believe you've abandoned me again" the blue swatch cries. "You don't want to disappoint your Father" Dad's sweater says softly in a voice that hurts the most. "For the love of all that's good, take my picture and call me done" The Rona Shawl and Bathing Beauties sigh.

I'm just glad Evil isn't on that noisy shelf.

To make matters worse, I've been given a new distraction.

My new Camera

You might not be able to tell, but that's my Used-but-brand-spankin'-new-to-me Digital Canon Rebel, a gift from The Greatest. Yes, at times he really does earn his name. I spend most of last evening snapping pictures until the battery died. The battery is supposed to have a nine hour life, I killed it in four. I admit I was a little out of control. At it's lowest point:

The Cat would have no more to do with me.

Angry Cat

My resident camera hog Pork Chop got tired and begged to go to bed.

tired baby

Finally The Greatest threatened me with his Side Handle Baton.

Are you threatening me?

Just to warn you: My next month or so of posts might be very photo heavy until the newness wears off. But I think I might be able to do something to make the Rona Shawl shut up.


shizzknits said...

Congrats on the new camera! I have the 1st generation of the Dreb and still love it after nearly 4yrs. It's practically an antique by now LOL I'm coveting the new 30d myself.

Yay for the Greatest!

Knittypants said...

Your last picture makes me laugh. I can drive my family crazy with the picture taking, too.

Yay for the new camera, you will have so much fun with it. It might even motivate you to block and show off some of your finished knits that I have been dying to see :-)

shiguy4076 said...

I love the pictures and the shawl is lovely