Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Knitting

Here you go, two days of knitting and I've got....

Four Freakin Inches

Four Inches. That's it. I've completed Chart 1 of 7. It doesn't help that I must have ripped this puppy out atleast six times. I almost gave up, then I got smart. No not life lines (but I should put on in now shouldn't I). This shawl features Got Brains?large sections of Stockingnette Stitch. I finally counted all the stitches and wrote them on the chart. So much easier to keep track of. I've also got my ghetto chart holder: A cookie sheet with some free magnets that came with a credit card offer. To mark which line I'm on? I use another chart turned upside down so the side up is blank. I'm nothing if not resourceful. So that's how I've spent my time.

I also test drove a new playgroup. They aren't my old playgroup. I'm not sure if it's a good fit, but I remember being unsure about my old playgroup at first, so I'll give it a few more tries before the final verdit. They weren't my beloved friends, but they did have puppies.

No we can't keep one
Yes, I'm sure we can't keep one

I'm not sure if the puppies go in the pro or con column. What do you think?


Bezzie said...

Depends, how much do they kids want a puppy now? Hee hee! They are awfully cute though (both the kids and the puppies!)

Lynda said...

Is that Scherazade? I just downloaded that pattern this morning! I'm not sure if I'm up for it or not, though.

bunchkin said...

If the puppies stay there, it's a definite plus. But if those people try to get you to take a puppy home, RUN!

Eileen said...

I put puppies in the PRO column--as long as they're someone elses puppies. Good luck with the playgroup---it takes time to break in a new one. Love the shawl--it's going to be beautiful in red.