Sunday, January 20, 2008

Actual Knitting

Imagine that. Actual Knitting. On my knitting blog no less.

But it isn't knitting I've done recently, there's not much of that around here. It's knitting I knit for the baby over the summer but never managed to blog. Besides it's more fun to present the baby knits with a baby actually in them.


Pattern: Frankly I knit this months ago. I've temporarily misplaced the pattern. It was a vintage baby sweater pattern by a company I don't recognise, using a yarn I'd never heard of. And the hat was just sorta knit, no pattern.

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, 4 skeins

Needles: I can't remember at this point, either my 4s or my 6s. I'm such a bad knit blogger.


Modifications: I knit the sweater in one color instead of two (but that means nothing without the original pattern for reference). I used different weight yarn and larger needles to get gauge. But it turned out so cute. I just sorta winged the hat. I used the slip stitch pattern from the bodice of the sweater and knit a hat. Once you've knit three or four hats you just sort of know how to knit a simple round hat. The human head only comes in one basic shape.


Review: I know, I know. I've stated more than once on this blog that giving a new mother a cashmere baby item is cruel and unusual punishment. But I couldn't resist making one for my own child. Those rules don't apply when you do it to yourself right? The call of the yarn was too strong to resist. It's perfection. It really is. So soft, it sings as it flows through your fingers. The stitch definition is perfect. I adore this yarn and temporarily forgot why it should never be used for a baby item. The first time Sweet Pea threw up on it I remembered. But in the mean time she is such a cuddle bug in her pink sweater. I think she likes it. Unlike Bird, she doesn't scream when I put it on her. Much to my dismay she hates hats, not just knitted hats, all hats. She does scream when the hat comes near her head, so the hat won't see much wear. Overall I'm very pleased with what I've created for my fourth child. She looks as cute as I daydreamed she would. Sometimes I wish the cold season would last longer in this part of the country so I could justify more baby sweaters. But even if it did I'm too tired right now to knit them.

And just because I love this picture.



turtlegirl76 said...

Awww. What great pics. =)

Bezzie said...

I had to bite my lip to keep myself from squealing out loud. I swear, I never used to be this easily excited by a cute baby!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Pea is such a beautiful little model. Of course you would want to wait to show off your knits with her wearing them. You wanted them to look as cute as possible. Definitely worth the wait.

And that last picture? *adorable*

Stephanie said...

awwww, aint she just the most precious thing! It makes me wish I had a girl, but then I remember the 3 others screaming, fighting, playing wrestling in the living room and all the daydreams of the beautiful pinks and satin go you can't have children when you don't practice! LOL Hope you are doing well, really miss you!

shiguy4076 said...

Oh,I just love that color of the sweater and hat. everybaby needs something made out of cashmere right:)
She's so beautiful and what a good little model.

Maria said...

What a doll baby!!! I'll bet she's so fun to cuddle in that darling sweater too. I think all babies should have some cashmere.

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