Wednesday, January 02, 2008

As Threatened: More Baby Feet

Don't say I didn't warn you.


Pattern: Baby Eyelet Socks

Yarn: Unknown yarn, I threw the ball band away ages ago (bad blogger). But I do remember the yarn is 100% cotton.

Needles: Size 0 dpns

Modifications: None that I can remember

Review: Aren't they cute? Ready to see them be even cuter?


Aren't they just better modeled on the baby? Those tiny feet are so sweet. Here's another shot.


One might as well just sit back and realise that the next few weeks are going to be filled with pictures of the baby and her hand knits. I knit quite a few things for this baby last year, very few of them actually made it to the blog. And now that she is here in person to model the knits? I simply can't resist showing them off (both the Baby and the knits).

The socks themselves are the sweetest shade of pink. Just perfect for a new baby girl. I think they're a little stiff, so Sweet Pea has a pair of soft socks on underneath them to protect her delicate skin. This pattern is definately a newborn size. If she were any larger I'm not sure I could have gotten them on. I do like that this pattern featured a heel flap and gusset. I've knit several baby socks with short row heels and I'm just not sure how well they'll stay on. I'm sure we'll discover together which heel is superior for baby socks sometime in the very near future.


Maria said...

Awwwwww!!!! So darling. Congratulations on the tiny feet, and the person that goes with them!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing cuter than baby feet modeling baby socks. What great pictures.

TrixieG said...

Awwwww.....those pictures totally give me the warm fuzzies. :-) Sweet Pea's teeny tiny feet look so sweet!

Bezzie said...

EEk! I want to bite them, but in a good way, not a baby-eating way.

Rubys & Purls said...

Ohh! I just love the great posts with baby feet and baby socks. So cute and I love the pink! They're a sure pick-me-up too!

I can't wait to see more. ;)

shiguy4076 said...

I love baby feet and baby toes. Those are beautiful baby socks and feet.

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet!! I love the socks on the baby feet. Congrats on Sweet Pea, she is precious!