Monday, December 03, 2012

Burn Baby Burn

As expected


Black Ops December has begun.  I will see him again sometime next week.  I just need to be sure to put nourishment within his reach (sandwiches, pizza, popcorn, hand food) at regular interval and everything should be just fine.

In other news our Elf showed up last night.


He is always fun to have around.  The children didn't like having him hang upside down like that.  They thought it looked uncomfortable.  So the first thing they did this morning was cut him down.  Then Sweet Pea fed him peanut butter on saltine crackers.  I think he is really going to enjoy his stay with us this year.

In knitting news, My purple mohair sweater (I have to identify it with the word mohair since I recently realized I've been knitting an unusual amount of purple sweaters lately) has two sleeves


and quite possibly enough yarn to knit the cowl after all.


Which is good because the sleeves are pulling the neckline really wide and I don't love it anymore.

In random news I've decided to burn the house down.  It really is the only way to deal with things like this.  It is the only way to be sure.

What am I talking about?

Let me go back a few hours.

I decided that while I was knitting on my mohair sweater I could multi-task, and block something from The Abyss.  Once again I dove into the depths, and I came up with my Citron shawl.  It was knit from an alpaca/silk blend in the most gorgeous shade of red.  I knit it, and then, lacking any idea how to block the ruffle at the bottom, I tossed it into The Abyss, where it patiently sat waiting for inspiration to strike on just how to block out that ruffle.

I'm still waiting for the light bulb to go off.

This morning I decided to just do it.  Just block it and see what happens.  I took the wad of alpaca and plopped it in my blocking bowl.  Then I pinned it out to dry.  Turns out the bottom ruffle was no problem at all.


It is lovely, and I can't wait to wear it.

Only... do you see it?

Photobucket see it.  You can't miss it.  That hole is the size of a quarter.  A hole I have no idea how to fix.  A hole that has ruined my shawl *sob*

Something has obviously been munching on my handknits.


The only thing to do is kill it with fire.

Burning down the house is the only way to be sure.

For the good of the yarn I must burn down the house.

Or buy some bug spray.


Tam said...

Join the club. I pulled out my handknits last winter- out of storage in a sealed box full of cedar balls. Every piece of wool knitting had at least one hole in it. One hat was just shreds. I seriously considered burning the house down that day. VERY seriously. I didn't think the kids would understand, though so I refrained.

Anonymous said...

Here in Minnesota we just throw it outside and freeze it for a few days. I'm guessing that's not an option for you. full is your freezer?

katie metzroth said...

OH NO! Doesn't Lavender ward off moths? Can you get a lavender plant and put it in the room with The Abyss? or Mint or Cloves, Thyme, Ginseng and Rosemary, or even Bay leaves according to the web. (whichever smell suits your fancy)
I think there's a chance you can fix that hole the same way one would darn a sock if you have the yarn... Good luck!