Thursday, December 06, 2012

Slight of Hand

I wish I could tell you that I thought of a brilliant plan to save my red shawl.

I haven't.

My red shawl may or may not still be pinned to the floor of my bedroom because I just don't know what to do with it.

I'm not gonna lie, the best plan I've got is to throw it back into The Abyss.

What's a girl to do?

I'd like to knit the cowl for my mohair sweater, but I need my size 7 needles.

Wanna guess where they are?

Yup, they're in The Abyss.

On The Greatest's Weasley Sweater.

Some days I just give up.

Let me distract you with some socks.


Pattern:  Dawn Of The Dead

Yarn:  Premiere Yarn Serenity Sock weight, 2 skeins

Needles:  size 2 dpns

Modifications:  none that I remember

Review:  I knit these for Pork Chop.  The yarn colors were made for her.  Her favorite color has always been green.  She's currently cultivating a major obsession with zombies.  So green and decay.  Just the colors she needs.  It could be worse, it could be an affinity for Justin Bieber.  I pick my battles, and zombies are not even a battle to fight.  My love for the Walking Dead might suggest zombies are something to encourage.  So for now I let her read Zombie Survival Guides, and knit her socks with lace patterns called "Shredded Tendon" and "Dripping Flesh."


I didn't love this yarn.  The texture was a bit stiff and scratchy, but Pork Chop isn't complaining.  She must have very tough feet.  I like how the colors blended when knit in the sock.


This heel is a bit of a mess.  Don't get me wrong.  I love the look of the lace heel.  But if I had been smart I would have modified the pattern to include a more traditional sturdier heel, this sock will never stand up to being worn in shoes.  These are around the house socks only.

So there you go.  A wildly successful knit to distract you from the stunning cluster of nothing I am producing this week.

Actually I've been very productive this week.  I've finished my Knit Picks test knit.  I'm a roughly halfway through a different test knit.  Neither of which can be photographed for public consumption.  I finished a commissioned newborn set (it was even crochet, the Mayans might be right, the world may be coming to an end) but it is currently being washed, so no good photo ops there.  Highly productive, just not in a blog friendly way.

Guess I'd better dig out those size 7 needles after all.


Minding My Own Stitches said...

It worked, I was distracted.. Especially when I saw the awesome photo with a zombie, et al! Awesome socks!

Monica said...

I wish I could distract someone knitting socks as nice as these! May I suggest buying new size 7 needles and leaving the shawl aside until it "talks to you"? Perhaps you could also add a skein or two to the shopping cart?