Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Really Need Better Photography Skillz


You probably can't tell what that slightly blurry picture with bad lighting is.  Which is why it is a good thing I'm here.  I can tell you what that slightly blurry picture of bad lighting is.  It is the completed cowl neck on my purple mohair sweater.

Why yes, I am AWESOME!

I braved dangers of The Abyss to rescue my size seven needles.  Round and round I knit as I got caught up on The Walking Dead (for once I didn't want to smack Carl, but I always want to smack Andrea).  We all know how stupid fast zombies make me knit, so two episodes, and my cowl was done.

Now for the finishing work.

Ordinarily this is when I would toss my project into The Abyss and move on.  There is always more knitting to be done.  Finishing work is for chumps.

But I am changing.

I am turning over a new leaf.

I am scared of the knitwear eating monster that lives in The Abyss.

Plus, I still can't decide between these two sweater patterns.  I think I'm leaning towards knitting Walpole first, but then I remember the fantastic yarn I want to use for Olive Basket.  What's a girl to do?

So between my new found resolve to not feed the beast in The Abyss, and my indecision about what to knit next, I've decided that today I will be weaving in the ends of my purple mohair sweater.

And if I really get going, maybe I'll block it.

But I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, so maybe not.

Speaking of blocking and blurry photos with bad lighting want to see the latest thing I finished?


Isn't it fantastic?

I had clean hair.   My bangs were fantastic, laying just right.  I had on lipstick.  I was looking super thin in my black shirt.  The stars had all aligned and I looked smokin hot.

Twenty three pictures, three different rooms, two different people manning the camera, and this was the best picture we took.


No biggie, I thought.  I'll just take more pictures of Sweet Pea wearing my shawl.

But she was in a mood.


So was the shawl.  Reluctant to be seen with my moody model it moved and blurred in every shot


(although in hind sight that too could have been Sweet Pea)

We took pictures until they were both worn out.   And that is when the magic happened.


Pattern:  Holden Shawlette

Yarn:  Southwest Trading Company TOFUtsies, 1 skein

Needles:  size 6

Modifications:  I ran out of yarn, so I left off the picot edge.

Review:  I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it.


I will admit that when it was all dry from blocking and I removed the blocking pins, this shawl was stiff as a board.  The yarn is a wool/soy/cotton blend and it dried so stiff it was crunchy.

I wanted to cry.

But it was so pretty.  Look at it.  It is so pretty.  And I've never been one to shy away from a little discomfort in the name of beauty, so I wore it lost night when I went out.

And a Christmas Miracle occurred.

As I wore it, the shawl became softer and softer against my neck.  Every movement, every hug, every twist and turn added more give to the fibers.  While it isn't merino soft, it is now something  fluid and flexible and I love it so much.



Amaryllis Musings said...

Your post had me rolling with laughter. I feel so bad about the pictures. The lighting in the picture with the tree was so beautiful but it just wasn't meant to be. Still is a great project though!

Pearlin J said...

Sweet pea looks like an angel sleeping like that.the shawl is gorgeous.blurry pics happen to all of us, to me often when I 'm capturing a cute moment