Monday, December 10, 2012

Inspiration at Last!

Well, it wasn't inspiration, so much as a google search.

I typed in "fix huge hole in knitting" and I found this Knitty article.

It proved quite helpful.

I wouldn't say it is a seamless fix.  I certainly see where the repair is, but it is better than a huge hole.  So there is that.  With practice I could probably get better and make a seamless repair with this technique.  Let us hope I never have to practice this again.  Bottom line, the shawl is saved.  I think it can now be worn, at the very least it can be bunched up as a scarf.

So I finally present...


My Citron, as modeled by my four year old,

Pattern:  Citron

Yarn:  Misti Alpaca Lace Weight (leftover from this project)

Needles:  Size 6?  Possibly on Knit Picks Harmony needles, if I knit this before I knelt on my beautiful harmony needles and snapped one right in half *sob*  Let us observe a moment of silence for my Harmony needle.

Modifications:  Not really a modification, I just knit until I ran out of yarn.  Then I stopped.  So I might have more or less repeats than the pattern called for.

Review:  I can't decide which I love more.  The shawl?


Or my model.


They're both pretty awesome.

The hole was a devastating blow.  But I think when worn as a scarf the repair blends in nicely.


As always I love the Misti Alpaca.  It is alpaca.  And silk.  What's not to love?


And while I pondered how to repair this shawl I managed to block another pretty little thing.


But that is a knit for another day.

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Evelyn said...

Beautiful shawl and model :) I'm sure no one other than you will ever notice the repair and the FO itself is gorgeous :-)