Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm About To Get All Crazy Up In Here

I will enter my third trimester on Friday.  My urge to nest is strong.

Really strong.

There is so much I wanna buy and make and have for the baby.  So many crafts!  So many cute baby thing!  So much to do!  And then my bank says "Hold up, we need to have a friendly chat.  Let me remind you of a little thing we call your account balance."


I am not a fan.

I spent the weekend channeling my urges to prepare for the baby into knitting baby socks.

Lots of baby socks!

I just sat on the couch with my hat box of left over sock yarn and worked my way through a list of free patterns for baby socks.

She might not have a place to sleep yet, but by golly, her feet will be warm!

I still have a few more sock patterns I want to try out, but first I think I have enough Malabrigo sock yarn left over from my Honey Bee Cardigan (the one that is STILL waiting for buttons) to make a baby sweater.

I swear if I could knit with only one yarn for the rest of my life it would be Malabrigo sock yarn.  Or possibly Knit Picks City Tweed, or maybe my friend's Handspun (assuming I win the lottery and can afford to keep her on salary as my own personal yarn creator), and recycled cotton yarn is pretty sweet, I could knit with that forever.  I love yarn too much to pick just one.  Thank goodness I don't have to!


AngelKnitter said...

Please contact Paula at PK designs for buttons!!! You won't regret it. Her number is 801-641-7534. Her email is Paugl4@AOL.com. She had makes each botton and is really super affordable! She is so awesome. I don't know her well as a person, but I have been using her to make buttons for awhile and she is freaking awesome!
I love baby knits!!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Oh gosh, I love those baby socks. I'm not even pregnant - god forbid at this stage - but now I feel like knitting baby socks!