Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reality, It Isn't for Wussies

It is time for me to face a harsh reality.

I try to deny it.  I am so happy with my delusions.  But in the face of such proof I can hide it no longer.

I have no idea what I am doing when I knit.

I just don't.  I like to think I do.  I like to pretend that I have been knitting long enough that I have achieved some level of knitting expertise.  But in reality, I just try stuff.  Sometimes it works.  Sometimes it doesn't.  And I can never, nope, never ever, not even once ever, accurately predict what is going to be successful and what will have me quietly weeping in a corner as I frog.

Case in point?

My orange sweater.

The entire time I knit my orange sweater I was sure it would be a disaster of epic proportions.  First off?  It was orange.  Next?  Not so sure cotton was a good choice for the pattern.  And let's not forget the endless debating I did with myself over what size to knit.  My target size was my pre-knocked up size, and I was positive that even for my usual body, this sweater was going to be too small.  All signs pointed to an inevitable frogging.

Turns out I was the wrongest of wrongs in the best possible way!

Pattern:  Pomme de pin Cardigan

Yarn:  Recycled cotton from a $2.00 sweater from Savers

Needles:  Size 6 Harmony wood, then size 6 Bamboo Clover Needles.  Plus size 5 Addi Turbos, and Size 5 bamboo dpns for the ribbing.

Modifications:  I didn't do any modifications, but in hind sight I can think of one I could have made.  Just like in my Darling Emma, the lace pattern is carried up the neck and across the back.

I love it.  Makes for such a  nice snuggly cardigan.  While both patterns achieve the same results, each pattern uses a different technique to achieve the look.  In the Pomme de pin Cardigan the neck extension is knit and then sewn to the bound off back stitches.  In Darling Emma the neck extension is joined to live back stitches as you knit.  I think I might prefer the method used in Darling Emma.  But the bound off back stitches for the Pomme de pin Cardigan give added stability to the piece, so really, this is a personal call.  I think I'm leaning towards the Darling Emma method simply because seaming is not my favorite.

Review:  Seriously, could this cardigan be any  more perfect?

I love the lace pattern.

I love the sleeves.  My sleeves blocked out a bit longer than expected, but I love the turned up cuff, so that is definitely one for the plus column.

And remember that size thing I was worried about?

This lace IS stretchy, so stretchy  I could button it over my baby belly if I had bothered to put buttons on it.  Which I didn't.  Because I can never find buttons I like.  But I did add button holes just in case someday I do find buttons.  In reality I never button my sweaters, so really, why do I bother?

Yup, I love everything about this sweater.  Now if only the weather would get cold enough that I could actually wear it.  I checked.  It is mid-almost late-September and the ten day forecast says to expect the temperatures to remain around 105.  Until the tenth day.  Then it is supposed to drop to 99 degrees.  But I don't believe it.  I think they are only saying that to give me false hope.  We moved here almost seven years ago because The Greatest got a job.  I wonder if there are any job openings in Alaska.  We moved once for a job.  We could do it again right?  Moving so I can finally wear my sweaters isn't a completely insane idea right?

And because I have people who NEED this.

26 weeks.  I've already warned The Greatest that I am poised to go insane with the Nesting very very soon.  He just nods his head and asks where the furniture needs moved to.

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Fiber Jewels said...

Yep, you can wear sweaters almost year round in Alaska! Great job on the sweater, I LOVE it!