Sunday, September 15, 2013

Moving On

So if any of you guessed it would take me two weeks to actually get around to blocking my orange sweater you would be correct.  In an impressive display of my abilities to procrastinate it took me two weeks to get around to laying out my sweater.  Any one who guessed less than two weeks has an inordinate amount of faith in me.  I finally gave up and threw it in the washer with a load of kids clothes because, lets face it, it smelled really bad.  So bad it was making my kitchen smell bad.  Then I laid it flat to dry.  Unfortunately I hadn't wove the ends in yet, and now my random yarn ends are an amazing snarl of knots.  I should have fun later today salvaging what I can.  Did I learn my lesson not to procrastinate so long?  Only time will tell.

I'll admit it.  I've been in a bit of a funk lately.  About ten days ago it rained.  It rained two days in a row and it was GLORIOUS!  The temperature dropped.  I was able to sleep with my windows open, buried under my covers.  I love sleeping with the windows open.  It felt like fall.  It felt like home.  I cried when the temperatures rose back above 100 degrees.

Usually I roll with it.  Usually I'm only sad for a little bit and I move on.  I'm gonna blame this on pregnancy hormones.  I got homesick.  Really home sick.  I missed fall.  I missed changing leaves, and apple picking at the local orchard.  I missed planning Halloween costumes around big puffy coats.  I missed making chilli on Saturday afternoons while The Greatest yelled at his favorite football team (Go Blue!).  I missed my family.  I wanted to run away from this desolate place and go home.

I sat on my couch feeling sad and knitting a test knit for Knit Picks in record time.

But life will only let me sit on the couch for so long.  Then I have to get my butt off the couch and sort the laundry.

And boil water because there is e coli in our water (Yay!)

I ventured into the depths of The Abyss to decorate for fall.  Just because it is over 100 degrees outside doesn't mean I can't pretend inside.

My ghost chair is by far my favorite decoration.

And I've made a pumpkin roll for desert tonight, just because I can.  The children are less than impressed with my pumpkin roll.  Meaty is angry because he wants pumpkin pie.  Pork Chop has declared she doesn't like cream cheese.  Somewhere my parenting has gone horribly wrong.  I guess that means more pumpkin roll for me and the baby.

Yes, life moves on, even when I'm sad, life keeps moving on.  And sometimes that is a very good thing.

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katie metzroth said...

oh, girl! two weeks?!? Sometimes, you knit faster than you block!
Love the ghostie chair. I was just thinking of what to dress our yellow lab up for on Halloween and am toying with hanging a sign on her that says, "Isis - you know, the dog from Downton Abbey"