Monday, September 16, 2013

Exciting Things

So yesterday I FINALLY convinced Bird to let me show her how to crochet a different way.

Up until now she has been holding her hook level, wrapping the yarn around her hook, and then using her fingers to pull the loop over the new yarn, creating a crochet chain. Then she repeats the process to infinity.  And as I've documented before all she does in make the world's longest crochet chains.

But for some reason on Sunday she decided to let me show her how I hold a crochet hook.  I showed her how I loop the yarn around my left hand and use the hook to grab the new yarn and create the crochet chain.  I showed her how quick it can be, and how even my little v's were.  It took her a bit of time to get the hang of it, but she did it!  My Bird was on her way to learning to make something besides a crochet chain.

And she did!

She made her first finished object yesterday.

And best of all she made it for me!

Isn't my new bracelet so pretty!

I have a friend who makes gorgeous versions of the bracelet in her etsy shop.  All beautiful beads and smooth glossy yarn.  This was Bird's knock off version and I love it.

And I'm going to pretend very hard that it isn't yet another crochet chain, this time formed from the world's itchiest wool, because


Go Bird Go!

In other news

I wasn't exaggerating about the terrible snarl of yarn ends from my orange sweater.

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